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Stackie Robinson is a Founder and Investor originally from West Philadelphia, now an Atlanta native. Stackie got started in the financial space by way of Cryptocurrency not knowing it would be a factor that brings astounding change to the world and her life. Crypto then lead her to the financial markets investing for 6 years in traditional finance, along with the OTC markets. Crypto Found its way back in her focus during the pandemic and bought some friends with it, Non-Fungible Tokens and Web3. 


Stackie’s motto “always a student” communicates her belief that even when you’re good at something, there is always more to learn.  Her goal has always been to help educate the masses about Web3 and the Retail investing world. She Founded and Co-Founded multiple businesses in the Web3 and Retail investing space; Stockianas, The OTC Club,

and Evo-Techno-Epi.


Although being an absolute BOSS takes up much of her time, she loves to spend her free time enjoying the outdoors, fishing, hiking,and exploring.  She has a passion for reading, studying subjects such as history, government, genetics, futuristic inventions, economics, spirituality and religion, astrophysics, philosophy, strategy and war, mythology and finance.  This is just the tip of the iceberg of a brilliant woman.

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